William John Colvin Mckenzie is a director and editor specialising in music video, commercial and narrative content.

Like many artists in his field, he’s astonishingly good at managing production budgets, but is exceptionally bad at maintaining his own personal finances.

Despite the enormous amounts of money he’s both made and inherited, his addiction to expensive food, hotels, and unsuccessfully buying pedigree dogs which he tries to sell at a higher price, (a practice he calls “dog-flipping”) leaves him barely able to afford the rent at his Manhattan penthouse.

To support his lifestyle he has to demean himself, (albeit for astonishingly good pay) on a daily basis by working as the personal assistant, personal trainer and, occasionally, lover, of Mr. Hedgeward E. Fundë, the eccentric producer and singer known to audiences as “Hedge Fund,” a man known in the industry for his exceptional malice, discompassion and cruelty.

The benefit of hiring Will is that you’re not only working with one of the most interesting and visionary directors in the business, you’re also helping a talented man escape from what is, essentially, tantamount to personal slavery.


you get one.

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